The Catholic Parish of Our Lady
and St John
Lee-on-the -Solent and Stubbington
Parish Priest: Father Francis Sasinowski (01329) 663 435
Coronavirus Updates

To celebrate Pentecost, the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Church, pray the Holy Spirit Novena - click here

Please note that due to the current COVID-19 crisis our churches in Stubbington and Lee-on-the Solent and our Parish Office are closed until further notice. If you need to speak Father Francis during this time his contact details are:

                                                                                               Telephone: 01329 663 435                                                                                             

Please  also note the Webmaster can be contacted by Email 

Live Masses are being streamed from many churches on their websites and some are also on YouTube.  

A live Mass is streamed every day from Porstmouth Cathedral at 12.15 pm and of course there are several Masses on Sundays. Please check the Schedule on the Diocesan website. The Masses are also recorded so if you cannot make the live stream you can catch up at your convenience. To see the live stream  go to Portsmouth RC Diocesan website ( or simply click here.

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Donations to Parish/Standing Orders
Your Offertory Money

Financially we have a monthly shortfall whilst the coronavirus pandemic is with us. So a very big thank you to all of you for continuing to support the Parish financially.
However, at the present time many are not able to make offertory donations in their usual way so we have redefined the ways you can donate money to the parish for your regular Offertory, Easter Offering to Fr. Francis, Mass Intentions, etc.:
-    If you give by Standing Order and/or Bank Transfer, then please continue to do so.
-   If you previously gave by Planned Giving Envelope or Cash, then we ask that you do one of the following:
a)   Setup a new Standing Order, or do an online Bank Transfer.
Parish Current A/C No.:       00888991
Sort Code:                                    30 -93-04
A/C  Name:                                   PRCDTR LEE+STUBB 
Please give sufficient information in the transaction reference text such that we can identify the purpose of the donation, for example, Easter Offering. If you are registered with us for Gift Aid we will continue to record and claim it back.
b)      Give through the charity website:       or click on the green charity button above.
Ignore the shop online part and go to “Support us (Our Parish), it’s free - Donate now”.
Via this route all money donated goes straight into the Parish Current Account.
c)   If you are unable to do any of the above then please accrue your donation (cash or envelope) and hand it into the Church / Parish Office when the self-isolation restrictions have been lifted. As we are unable to distribute the new set of Planned Giving Envelopes, please reference your existing envelope number.

Your continued Offertory donations are extremely important to the Parish.
Three Cardinals join global appeal decrying crackdown on basic freedoms over coronavirus - click here to read article
Father Francis thought you may find the following 2 You Tube clips comforting and useful during these troubled times.
Simply click on the titles below to link to the clips:

Hope during the virus by Bishop Robert Baron

Catholics under Quarantine without Mass and Sacraments - A Survival Guide